Sharing Travel Knowledge

The knowledge held by the Crew members of all airlines together is an inestimable treasure.

“Scientia potentia est” means Knowledge is power.

Let’s share it together by creating listing of our best kept secret restaurants, bars, shops, activities and hideout locations. These listings can be from our favourite destinations or simply around the corner from our home.

Sharing Crew Knowledge

Sometimes as an operating crew member, we have to go to uncharted destinations. Some airlines have very well prepared briefing packages, meanwhile others are lacking information. Let’s brief each other for a safer and easier operation.

Promoting our fellow Colleagues and recommendations

Over the years, multiple frustrations and failures, we have discovered products and services to make our life easier and more enjoyable. We are recommending some of them on this platform.

On the other hand, our community is full of resilient, resourceful and relentless members that put their mind and energy to develop or start a new business. We are promoting them here, so together we can support them.

Our resourceful colleagues who started a side-business can create a listing (BOC) of their endeavours to promote them among our community and give them the visibility they all well deserved.


We believe that we are stronger together. The addition of small individual gestures can result in huge impact. That is why we will accept application for charity causes that matter to our community. 

The well known and established organizations might not see a difference, but we can bet that some smaller ones will appreciate our gestures. Initially, we will endorse a maximum of 10 organizations. We will review each endorsement every year to evaluate the momentum generated with our community and adjust if required. Through sales from our shop, we will support these causes.

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