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Sharing our knowledge

"scientia potentia est"

The actual directories available online at the moment share information on different topics. Our platform is different in the fact that we are targeting knowledge which imply a level of awareness, understanding and experience. Our community hold that knowledge which makes us stand out from the pack. We, as a community, have accumulated knowledge about multiple destinations, unpublished procedures and tricks from years of traveling and working as crew members, let’s share this knowledge together!

You might be looking for some of this information, or, you might have some knowledge you would like to share with the rest of the traveling community, well it’s good news for all of us and you can share this knowledge through this site.

What we do

The knowledge held by the Crew members of all airlines together is an inestimable treasure. Let’s share it together by creating listings of our best kept secret restaurants, bars, shops, activities and hideout locations. These listings can be from our favourite destinations or simply around the corner from our home.

Sometimes as an operating crew member, we have to go to uncharted destinations. Some airlines have very well prepared briefing packages, meanwhile others are lacking information. Let’s brief each other for a safer and easier operation.

Our resourceful colleagues who stated a side-business can create a listing (BOC) of their endeavours to promote them among our community and give them the visibility they all well deserved.

Eventually we will offer some items directly on our website. 

Our pledge to you : Offering the best products at reasonable prices.

Support us and help the community at the same time.

Over the years, multiple frustrations and failures, we have discovered products and services to make our life easier and more enjoyable. We are recommending some of them on this platform.

On the other hand, our community is full of resilient, resourceful and relentless members that put their mind and energy to develop or start a new business. We are promoting them here, so together we can support them.

Based on our past experiences, we are recommending certain products and services. We are also offering our community colleagues to promote their own business (BOC). Let’s promote and support them!

The best way to exchange ideas or ask questions is through the community forums, which have private sections to discuss sensitive information related to specific airlines.

There is no doubt that in order to offer you the best sharing knowledge website possible, we had to invest considerable time and money.

By purchasing any items in our shop, you are directly contributing to the improvement of our website and, if you desire, to support a cause that is important for you (*).

To join our community and browse its knowledge