From the Merriam-webster website: Altruism refers to a quality possessed by people whose focus is on something other than themselves, and its root reveals the object of those generous tendencies.

We believe that we are stronger together. The addition of small individual gestures can result in huge impact. That is why we will accept application for charity causes that matter to our community.

The well known and established organizations might not see a difference, but we can bet that some smaller ones will appreciate our gestures.  Initially, we will endorse a maximum of 10 organizations. We will review each endorsement every year to evaluate the momentum generated with our community and adjust if required.

If you support a cause and you think that our community could help; please fill up this form.

Once completed and submitted, we will contact the organization to get an approval from them.

We pledge to give  $1 per selected pair of socks to the organization of your choice.

Wait! It gets even better!

Once the selected organizations reached enough momentum, we will contact them again and offer them different options:

  • Get the money accumulated and continue stats quo;
  • Invest this money accumulated to develop branded products specific to the organization in collaboration with the primary actors and sell it through our channel and get bigger return.