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Over the years and many discussions, we realized that our best memories and experiences on layovers where generally instigated by fellow crew members who knew about a wonderful restaurant or a secret hideout. The available searching engine might do it, but more than often; it doesn’t. Crew Members have the knowledge and the expertise. We want to create this sharing platform where we can all benefits from each other knowledge and constantly improve our experience.

As crew members, we spend considerable time at the airports, in transit, at hotels and at different locations. We, as a community, have the knowledge. Let’s share it!

We have decided to keep this platform free for obvious reasons: knowledge should be available to everyone and sharing should be free. We also believe that everybody is entitle to his/her own opinion. However, respect and friendship are mandatory. We also believe that if you want to share your opinion, you should do so under your real name and not being scare to be bullied or insulted over it. For these reasons: we have decided to request a free registration to access our community.

We also added:

  • a forum to prompt discussion and share our community tricks, tips or mistakes;
  • our recommendations for things that might be useful for the crew member but also for the any avid traveller, from apps to attractions, gadgets to shops, anything we like and find useful. 

We are not alone touristing around, so that's why we added the ability to for you to submit your own recommendations, tips and tricks. #travelknowledge #crewknowledge

We have recommendations

Throughout the years of travelling not only as crews but also as tourists, we came across some products that we would like to recommend.

Tips on the W5 and one H

You just arrived somewhere new:

  • Where to go
  • What to do
  • When is the best time to visit that place/country/attraction
  • Who do I talk to
  • Why should I go there


  • How to get there, buy the ticket, change money, get back to the hotel

Travelling the world

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Numbers Speak For Themselves

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Who we are

SINCE 1986...

Aircrew in Canada first, then travelling the world

A couple of guys that are working in an environment that is sometimes challenging  with little of no official information on how to do things.  So we rely on knowledge that’s been shared between colleagues .

Originally from Joliette, Canada, Francois graduated from the bush pilot program of the C.Q.F.A. in 1999. After few years flying floatplanes and bush planes  all over Canada and South Pacific, he joined a renowned Canadian operator until 2013. Since then, he has been flying in Asia as crew member on A330/A350.

Originally from Ottawa, Canada, Martin was the Canadian Air Force for 20 years passing through RMC, 436, 426 and 437 Sqn.  After “retirement” joined the ranks of Air Transat and then Hainan Airlines. Since then, he has been flying around the globe on A330/A350.

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